Cost Considerations for Multi-Level Decks

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Cost Considerations When Choosing to Build a Multi-Level Deck

Cost Considerations

Multi-level decks offer so many benefits. They allow you to maximize your space by including different tiers incorporating dining areas, lounging areas, fireplaces, and hot tubs. You can create secluded areas for more privacy and entertainment, as well as include built-in seating, lighting, and other features to truly make the space your own.

How do you choose the right materials? What about labor costs? Do I need a permit? It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you start thinking about your new multi-level deck, but when you go with O’Keefe Built, you can rest assured that you’ll be working with the best decking contractor along the Front Range.

Decking Material Costs

One of the most influential contributors to the cost of your new multi-level deck is based on the material that you choose for your decking.

Composite Decking: Although upfront costs are higher when choosing composite decking, it’s the gold standard for a reason! Composite decking is typically made from wood fibers and recycled plastics and when combined with premium deck framing like PWT or steel framing, you can guarantee that your deck will look and function beautifully for years to come. As a bonus, most composite decking includes a 25-50 year warranty.

PVC Decking: PVC Decking closely resembles composite decking, but it is made of a different material called polyvinyl chloride. This is another great low-maintenance option but it comes with a slightly higher price tag than composite decking. This type of decking should ideally be installed on top of PWT or steel framing and will last 30-50 years.

Wood Decking: At first glance, wood decks seem to be the least expensive option. However, when you consider the time and cost to resand, restain, reseal, and repaint every few years, the money you save upfront will be spent later on. With the unforgiving Colorado climate, wood decks are not a practical long-term solution..

No matter which material you choose, there will also be costs for deck railing, deck posts, and deck stairs.

When planning your multi-level deck, consider the longevity, maintenance needs, and overall cost of the various decking materials available to ensure that the project aligns with your budget.


Cost Considerations for Multi-Level Decks 1

Another very important thing to consider when planning for your multi-level deck construction is the cost of labor. It seems tempting to find a local handyman or a friend who claims to build great decks, but trust us here, hiring a reputable company to do the job is ALWAYS the way to go! We have replaced countless decks that were built by shoddy contractors. Your best bet is to go with a contractor who is licensed, bonded, and insured.

Hiring someone who is not a professional deck builder can cost you more in the end, especially if the deck building project is not built to local building codes and safety standards. The deck might need to be repaired or replaced prematurely, or someone could get seriously injured if the deck fails.


Permit costs for deck construction vary significantly, based on the location and the scope of the project.

Not all jobs require permits but for those that do, we are happy to take on the permitting process. Costs vary by jurisdiction and we add an administration fee for work done to prepare related documents.


With any construction project, it’s always a good idea to prepare for contingencies. At O’Keefe Built, we strive to have a detailed plan for a successful project, but sometimes surprises arise as the building process progresses. If we ever discover any underlying damage or existing components that will sacrifice the structural integrity of the build, we’ll be sure to address it ASAP and a change order will be issued.

Plan for Contingencies

Additional Cost Considerations for your Multi-Level Deck

  • Choose your materials wisely: There are a wide range of decking materials on the market and each comes with its own pros and cons. Be sure to think about the longevity of your decking materials as wood is a cheaper option up-front but composite will likely cost less over time.
  • Consider maintenance requirements: Remember to consider the long-term maintenance and upkeep of your chosen decking material to ensure a successful and cost-effective project.
  • Get a free and accurate estimate: Make sure you understand what the estimate covers and the scope of work. We offer a consultation.
  • Prepare for property taxes: One of the benefits of a multi-level deck is that it will increase your property value. However, with increased property values come higher property taxes. Be ready for them.


Don’t wait till next season to get your dream multi-level deck. Our experienced team of local contractors at O’Keefe Built can help you design and build the perfect outdoor living space for your Colorado home.

Request an estimate or contact us today to learn more about how we can make that happen! We offer a consultation and in-home consultation to help you get started.


If you are looking for a local deck-building company in the Front Range that guarantees your satisfaction, look no further than O’Keefe Built! Contact us today to get started on transforming your outdoor living space. We can’t wait to help you create a unique outdoor oasis that will wow your friends and family!