Breathtakingly Beautiful Veranda in Boulder


Boulder, CO

Price Range

$80,000 – $90,000

Materials Used

Finished Ceiling: Pine tongue & groove
Accessories: Infratech Outdoor Heaters

The family loved spending time in their backyard, but without coverage from the elements, the open patio area would become uncomfortably hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

Breathtakingly Beautiful Veranda in Boulder 1 Breathtakingly Beautiful Veranda in Boulder 2

To address their concerns, our team at O’Keefe Built designed and installed a stunning new veranda spanning nearly 690 square feet to address.

The design included a pine tongue and groove ceiling that created an exterior space with an interior feel, blending the comforts of indoor living with the beauty of the outdoors. We installed two Infratech outdoor heaters to ensure the family stays cozy regardless of the season and ceiling fans to help move the air and cool down the area.

The project highlights include the expansive and beautifully finished ceiling that provides a sense of enclosure and sophistication. The addition of Infratech outdoor heaters guarantees warmth and comfort, making the veranda usable year-round. The result is a breathtakingly beautiful veranda that enhances the family’s outdoor living experience by providing a comfortable and stylish space protected from the elements.

covered veranda with outdoor furniture plus a ceiling fan and heater to control the climate regardless of season.

open patio with limited protection from the elements with a patio umbrella.
remodeled open patio that was converted into a veranda with an outdoor living room area with mounted TV and ceiling fans.


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