Pat O’Keefe is a seasoned professional in the deck building industry, dedicated to enhancing outdoor living spaces with impeccable craftsmanship. With a firm belief in transparent communication, Pat engages with clients to understand their unique visions and ensures that each project reflects a synthesis of beauty and structural integrity. He is always eager to share his extensive knowledge, empowering clients to make informed decisions about their outdoor spaces.

Pat has been proactive in trying to recruit new workers into the industry. He and his team at O’Keefe Built worked with FastenMaster and the BuildStrong Academy of Colorado to offer a comprehensive, day-long deck building training program. The workshop was meticulously designed to guide new enthusiasts through the nuances of the deck-building trade over ten critical steps.

Pat’s commitment to the industry extends beyond his business endeavors. He is an active member of the North American Deck & Railing Association (NADRA), where he contributes his voice and efforts towards advocating for the enhancement and enforcement of deck codes. This advocacy ensures safer and more reliable deck construction across the industry.

Involvement in trade association events is another aspect of Pat’s professional life. He not only attends these events but also contributes to shaping discussions around industry standards and practices. His contributions are geared towards fostering a community that values continuous learning and adherence to best practices.

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