Tools Needed for Basic Deck Maintenance

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It is almost deck season! Which means it is time to start preparing your deck for the outdoor entertainment season. This spring and summer can either be filled with cookouts and outdoor parties where you show off your brand new looking deck, or the season can leave you feeling trapped indoors because your deck is splinter-filled and worn out. Don’t let such a simple fix halt your summer relaxation! We are going to talk about what you will need, and what you will need to do to get your deck back into tip-top shape!

Tools Needed for Basic Deck Maintenance 1


Start your maintenance purchases with a simple paint scraper; sometimes referred to as a 5 in 1. These tools are affordable, and have a wide array of uses, other than for painting and scraping. Use this tool to scrape off loose stain or splintering wood.


A small, handheld, hard bristle scrub brush, typically used for bathtub cleaning, is ideal for pre-stain cleaning. The small stiff bristles are ideal for cleaning off old stains and dirt, as well as getting in between hard to reach grooves on your deck boards.


A deck brush is a must-have if you want to keep your deck in the best condition possible. Whether you are applying cleaner, or just rinsing off the deck from a party, a stiff bristle deck brush is essential in keeping your decks surface thoroughly cleaned.

Tools Needed for Basic Deck Maintenance 2


If you are looking to stain your deck, start by scraping each board to bare wood. Then, scrub all of the loose debris from your deck. Finally, powerwash the entire deck surface. The cleaner the surface, the better the stain will take to the wood. Be sure to thoroughly scrub and clean the deck before the stain is applied or serious issues can arise.


Drip some water onto your deck, if the wood seems to absorb the water, you may want to have your deck resealed. Going into the rainy season, it’s a very smart plan to get your deck sealed

Tools Needed for Basic Deck Maintenance 3

Keeping your deck clean and treated for the change of seasons is essential if you don’t want to put tons of money into repairs. Things to keep in mind: Never use a metal brush on your deck, and replace boards when they become warped or cracked. If old nails are popping out or rusting, remove them and replace them with new deck screws. These tips should help you keep your deck in the best condition possible, for as long as possible! Check back to our blog soon for updates on deck maintenance and construction trends!

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