Are you looking for that indoor/outdoor lifestyle you see featured on the latest home shows? Your deck is an important element of your home that is a direct reflection of your style. This exterior area can be used for a variety of activities from entertaining to relaxing. So, designing your living space to have all of the luxury comforts of your home can really add value. Whether you’re looking for a place to enjoy a movie under the stars, or host an event, we have a few ideas that can take your deck design to the next level!

Outdoor Deck Trends 1

1. Including a covered area adds another season to your deck. Can’t add a roof? Think underneath! Utilize the space under the deck for extra seating, part of the outdoor kitchen, and so much more.

Outdoor Deck Trends 2

2. Create a lower deck using modern-looking stone. It’s an elegant but modern look for your home. It can also last for years because of how durable stone is.

Outdoor Deck Trends 3

3. Don’t just stick to necessary light fixtures for your deck. Take it to the next level with unique lighting fixtures; add a chandelier, deck-mounted lights, or anything else that fits your style. Make the lighting part of the space instead of an afterthought.

Outdoor Deck Trends 4

4. Add a waterproof outdoor television lets your family enjoy the latest sporting event, the news, or just enjoying a movie night.

Outdoor Deck Trends 5

5. Change up the style. You don’t need to stick with a traditional deck and stairs. Styles are modernizing and becoming unique to the homeowners. As long as you have the proper brace underneath, almost any material can be used for a deck.

Outdoor Deck Trends 6
Outdoor Deck Trends 7