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At O’Keefe Built, our passion is the great outdoors. Like most Coloradans, when we’re not out exploring our beautiful state, we’re spending time with family and friends in our backyard. We know how important a relaxing, functional outdoor space is to a family. Whether it be playing fetch with your pup, watching the kids play, or having a barbecue, we relish time with our loved ones in the beautiful weather. Being outside is part of the Colorado lifestyle. That’s why our goal is to make your home a cohesive part of that lifestyle.

In addition to being expert deck and fence builders, we also provide other construction and remodeling related services. With many years of experience in the trades and a deep Rolodex, we can help with almost any home project.

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To begin with, we use only the finest building materials available for deck construction. additionally, our skilled craftsmen have installed hundreds of decks. In short, we would love to design and build your next project!

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